Aya’s New Costume for Mobile Dress Tool

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"Chuck" Actress Voices Aya Brea In The 3rd Birthday

Square Enix went the Hollywood route for their The 3rd Birthday localization. Yvonne Strahovski who plays Special Agent Sarah Walker in Chuck and Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect 2. “I was immediately interested when Square Enix approached me with the opportunity to play Aya Brea in The 3rd Birthday. I love Aya – she’s strong, driven and ready to take on the world,” said Strahovski about her role. Jensen Ackles from Supernatural and the Red Hood in Batman: Under the Red Hood voices Kyle Madigan.

The 3rd Birthday will arrive in North America on March 29. Like Square Enix’s other PSP games, The 3rd Birthday is just $29.99.

If you’re in Europe you can pick up The 3rd Birthday Twisted edition, which includes a 48-page hardcover artbook, two lithographs, a DLC code that gives Lightning an Aya Brea outfit in Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy, and the game bundled in a red UMD case.

Anonymous said: Is the North American release for The 3rd Birthday March 31 or April 2nd? Amazon and Gamestop are confusing me ; - ;

I just checked on Gamestop and Amazon websites. They put March 31 as the release date for the game (and March 29 for the official guide). However, both of North American and European websites only put 2011, they don’t have the exact release date yet. Maybe yeah it’ll be released on March 31, but who knows..

The 3rd Birthday INSIDER →

January 20, 2011, Official Guide 「The 3rd Birthday INSIDER - Art Works / Official Complete Guide -」 has been released.

Anonymous said: Is their any romance in The 3rd Birthday? ;__;?

I suppose there is. Aya was supposed to marry Kyle, but the incident happened.. :/

The 3rd Birthday Won’t Give Life To Any DLC →

Director Hajime Tabata popped up on Twitter to tell fans there won’t be any downloadable content for The 3rd Birthday. For this game, the development team tried working with the Square Enix members group instead. 

You can collect stamps with a Square Enix members account, which unlock Over Energy (ability) chips and the Lightning costume for Aya. Stamps are earned by adding Square Enix members friends, writing a The 3rd Birthday journal, and giving your Square Enix members avatar a prop from The 3rd Birthday.
Tabata explains Square Enix was investigating a collaboration between members and a game. The 3rd Birthday is the first title to test this out and in the future other games may take advantage of this service.

While a Square Enix Members service is online in North America, it isn’t clear if the Western version will use the same unlocking system.